Tourism and Disability

The Tourism board of Porto-Vecchio and its partners are delighted to welcome all their visitors the best way they can for they vacations.
That’s why we have listed here all the different services, touristic activities or accomodation adapted to better welcome disabled visitors and their companions.
For more information, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

The Tourism Board

The tourism board can be accessed by feet easily.

The front desk is adapted to receive people wheelchair. Also we have at your disposal a magnetic loop amplifier for people with hearing problems.

Exterior chairs are at your disposal if you need to sit down.

L'office de tourisme accessible
L'office de tourisme accessible
L'office de tourisme accessible

Car Park and Parking

There are specific spots for disabled people that are free if you own the GIC - GIG card in the town of Porto-vecchio and its car parks (It doesn’t matter if they are specific disabled spots or not)

Santa Catalina car park : 3 spots
Joseph Pietri school car park : 2 spots
Harbors Master’s Office car park : 1 spot
Harbor car park : 2 spots
Main Wharf car Park : 3 spots
Quai Syracuse car park (in front of the bus station) : 1 spot
The town of Porto-Vecchio has listed in their website the car spots that are specific for disabled people in the uptown. You can find them in this interactive map.


The electric bus A Citadina

In Porto-Vecchio, A Citadina is the easiest, simpler and cheapest way to get around the city.

The bus is equipped with a retractable ramp, with a specific area inside for people that have a wheelchair.

The bus

The bus ligne from Porto-Vecchio to Ajaccio has an area for disabled people.

The taxis

For better help you get around, our taxis are at your disposal. You can find them on our website at “Getting Around”.

transports adaptés
transports adaptés
transports adaptés

Touristic Accommodation

Are you looking for an adapted accommodation for your vacations in South Corsica?

We have listed on our website the perfect accommodation for you. You can find the complete list for each type (Hotel, residence, camping site, touristic home, etc.) with a special “filter” in “Services”.

For further information, feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Accessible beaches

More and more, beaches are reachable to disabled people, especially in Porto-Vecchio and Lecci.

Palombaggia (Cala di Lume)

This beach is attainable with a beach mat and a rope to help yourself approach the sea, all found near the first aid station near the Cala di Lume bar.

(From 20th June to 4th September)

Santa Giulia

The beach is attainable with two beach mats and ropes to help approaching the sea:

There are also parking spots reserved nearby these two beaches.

Lecci (Saint Cyprien)

The beach is reachable with a beach mat and rope to help you approach the sea from the car park.

At the car park, 4 parking spots are reserved. There are adapted toilets and showers available near the car park.

Beach of Figari :

The beach is accessible with a tiralo on the beach of the sailing school (tiralo available at the sailing school)

Beach of Pianottoli-Caldarello

The beach is accessible with a carpet and a free-access tiralo on the beach after the harbour master's office (accessible until the beginning of autumn). A parking space has also been created in the immediate vicinity.

For more information, contact the Pianottoli-Caldarello town hall on 04 95 71 80 06.

Furnellu beach (Monacia d'Aullène)

The beach is accessible with a tiralo available at the beach hut.

Commune of Bonifacio

La Tonara beach (beach boat available at the restaurant Chez Marco)
Balistra beach (sand-box available at the first aid post)

Find the inclusive beaches of South Corsica on the map below:

les plages accessibles una piaghja per tutti
les plages accessibles una piaghja per tutti
les plages accessibles una piaghja per tutti
les plages accessibles una piaghja per tutti

Activities and Leisure

If you are looking for a sports or cultural activity, there is always something available for someone with a disability in Porto-Vecchio.

Accessible sports activities:

Cultural activities and discovery

les activités adaptées
les activités adaptées
les activités adaptées

The Cultural Center, the Cinema and the Cinematheque de Corse

The cultural center and the cinematheque de Corse have showrooms available with an access ramp.

A lift will allow you to access the spectacle room. The bathrooms are available for wheelchair users.

A parking spot is reserved in front of the Cultural center.

Find all the events of the region of Porto-Vecchio in our online agenda.

centre culturel cinema cinemathèque de corse animu adaptée
centre culturel cinema cinemathèque de corse animu adaptée
centre culturel cinema cinemathèque de corse animu adaptée

The Post office

The city’s post office are accessible to wheelchair users, vision impaired and deaf.

There is a confidential space accessible to wheelchair users.

An automatic banking counter 24h/24h is available to every wheelchair user at the Avenue Maréchal Leclerc and the 4 Portes, Route de Bastia.

Car park spots are also available in front of the post office, recogniseable with a specific floor marking.


The supermarkets

The supermarkets Géant, Leclerc, Utile and Spar are accessible to disabled people. If you prefer organic food, no worries. You will have the shops Bio Délice and Les petites halles that sell organic products.

Some have 4C tactile guide strips to help the vision impaired.

Car park spots are equally available with a recogniseable floor marking.

You can find all these providers in “Go Shopping

Public restrooms

The accessible public restrooms are available in the uptown, just behind the city hall. They are free to use.

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