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On the east coast, the beaches of FAUTEA, PINARELLU, St. Cyprien, BENEDETTU RONDINARA and home to outstanding Genoese towers built in the sixteenth century during the reign of the Republic of Genoa to defend Corsica invaders. In total 90 towers were built on the Corsican coast.

Tower of Fautéa

The round tower Fautea seems dated to the very end of the sixteenth century. Meanwhile, she had suffered, like the Tower of Pinarello, an attack by the "Turks" having strongly damaged and in need of major repairs. It has since been the subject of restoration work.
It consists of three levels: uneciterne the base fed by a pipe coming from the terrace; and a piece for Torregiani the second level. In the thickness of the wall is built a staircase to access the terrace level, which is crowned with battlements.
For security reasons, the interior of the tower is not available today.

The tower of Pinarellu

or Isula di Corsi, completed in 1591, was among the eight laps of the jurisdiction of Bonifacio. It is a square tower, 13 meters high, with a single floor.
The cover is pierced in the west, which allowed an opening, using a scale, access to the terrace which has a sentry box.
Around 1650, during an incursion of "Turks", it is severely damaged and three other towers of jurisdiction. It was restored and will remain in service until September 1738.

Tower of Rondinara

or Sponsaglia Tower was built in 1619 to protect endangered coral fishermen of Barbary.
It remains more than the relatively well-preserved base.

Les tours du Sud Corse
Les tours du Sud Corse
Les tours du Sud Corse
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