The loops of the Col de Bavella

Bavella is a mecca of southern Corsica. This imposing site alone summarizes the features of the relief of the island.
The needles of Bavella form an impressive massif pinnacles carved in red granite. The collar of Bavella (1243 m) is considered the most beautiful of Corsica by the extent and richness of its panorama.

U Tafonu di u Cumpuleddu

Altitude: 1218 m parking lot Departure
Elevation: 200 m
Duration: 3:00 to /
Markings: Red cairns
A pleasant walk in a forest of pines lariccio, leads to the "Hole of the Bomb" natural curiosity due to erosion. Near the Punta Velacu, culminating at 1483 m, you can see the full force of the elements.
Very accessible hike, only the approach of the hole is tricky.

TheRefuge of PALIRI

Altitude: Departure of Fountain Cannone 1183 m
Vertical drop: From 400 m with options
Duration: 4:00 to / to the refuge
Markings: Red and white GR20
Easy hike to reach the neck of Finosa then along the crest of PALIRI to the refuge.

Les boucles du Col de Bavella
Les boucles du Col de Bavella

3 thematic trails Cuscionu

Discover exceptional natural environments as "pozzine" (various water depths holes and irregular shapes), flora and rare and endemic fauna, a shepherd territory, a place of transhumance with a strong ecological interest.


The loops in the heart of the Alta Rocca

Formerly, the villages were linked by mule tracks. These trails that allowed to trade between town have been preserved and reopened to tourist route.

Zonza / Quenza / Zonza

Departure: coming from Levie, 50 m to the left of the hotel the "Golden Mouflon". Wooden Tee Signs.

Markings: orange.

Duration: 4:15. Easy.

Interest: nice passages over water (bathing sites). Oak forest.

Serra di Scopamena / Quenza / Serra di Scopamena

Departure: at the center of the village of Serra di Scopamena. Markings: orange.

Duration: 5h00.


Interest: beautiful passages peak with panoramic views of the Alta Rocca. Passages wooded.

Heritage Sights: Water Mill of Serra di Scopamena, 1000 Chapel of Quenza, sheepfolds Lavu Donacu and Ghjallicu.


Find all the trails of the Alta Rocca countries on the Community of Communes site.

Les boucles au coeur de l'Alta Rocca
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